Author’s notes:


This map is a port of the “Fields of Isis”-map that is bundled with the strategy game “Supreme Commander”. The map is quite popular by casual players as it features a simple team play layout. The original version is also quite hated among advanced gamers because it is somewhat simplistic and invites turtling. To prevent that from happening in this C&C version I decided to thin out the resources at the main bases and to force expansion to the center of the map. I also flattened the terrain for easier building as the original map can be quite unnerving at times in terms of finding a suitable spot for your large structures. So SupCom players will have to adapt to a different kind of pace as C&C players will think of new ways to overcome almost impassable defenses.


The map is symmetrically divided into two rows and four columns. The players start in the four corners of the map. Teams should be arranged in such a way, that the left players battle the right players. Of course top vs bottom is technically possible but then you are rather playing two separate 1on1 games as your buddy won’t be able to help you until he has defeated his foe.
The map is supposed to feature major battles at the two choke points in the center. Air force is supposed to play a major role as soon as the fist player gets to Tier 2. Expect relatively poor defended home bases in the corners and the main defenses at the central Tiberium fields. So air-reinforcements, commandos and shadow teams might have devastating effects once deployed behind enemy lines.


Each player starts out with a Tiberium field at his home base that regrows a little faster than the average Tiberium on the map. There is also a Tiberium spike to fund repairs and small forces of infantry. These resources will provide some money to establish a presence at the Team’s blue Tiberium Field in the center and a defense at the player’s choke point near his second green Tiberium field. On the way there is a second spike. But take it quickly – Your enemy is likely to try and capture it, and because of its exposed situation it may very well become the first target of an air strike.

Tech Buildings

There are as mentioned above two Tiberium spikes per player. There are also two bunkers at each players’s base entrance and two bunkers at each side of the central choke points.
Additionally there are two Tiberium silos and two EMP centers right behind the choke points so one player of each team may have an EMP and one may build structures and defenses right next to the choke points. This production capabilities at the center of the map will provide an opportunity to rush an enemy and to undermine his expansion efforts while the EMP should be feared like a super weapon or a mother ship on this map. One good shot at your enemy’s crowded defenses may swiftly decide the battle.

The AI

The AI is trained to recognize the importance of the tech buildings and the choke points. So you have to be quick with capturing the tech buildings. If you are slow, you will find your ally or worse an enemy has taken and fortified it. On occasion it will also choose to take the route through the farther choke point to your base if that one is less defended. So make sure your wingman keeps his defenses up. If the AI manages to break through one choke point it will clear the whole column from that direction. When the AI’s efforts to crush your defenses fail, it will turn to all kinds of aircraft. In test games an Nod AI built more than 20 Venoms and two squads of Vertigos hunting down harvesters and undefended buildings in the home bases. On the other hand the AI will quickly respond to air attacks by building defenses. But as with human players the main bases won’t be that well guarded. On the bad side I have to say, that I don’t know my way with scripts, so the AI also displays all the weaknesses of the genuine AI such as the heavy reliance on rushing and fast resource consumption. Once you begun to build sonic disruption towers you can basically sit it out until the AI has run out of money. The AI also does not use the reinforcements cleverly. Instead of landing them in the backyard of an enemy base, it drops them at the front door. So if you are an experienced script programmer you are welcomed to modify the map. I would be pleased to see the results.

Final comments

I hope you enjoy the map as much have enjoyed creating and testing it. Thanks to VanCommander and Antikeen at the SupCom community for playing the original countless times until we could not sit upright anymore and Zora and Gemini for testing this C&C version.
I have taken any effort to make this map as solid as possible. Texturing errors occur from time to time despite the most careful use of the mapping tools. So please inform me, if something does look strange.
If you encounter any bugs with this map or want to inform me of a mod contact me at

Max Players: 4
Tiberium Fields: 10
Tiberium Spikes: 8
EMPs: 2
Tiberium Silos: 2
Size: 500×300

Map originally made by The Spiral Studios

Dowload Link (Mediafire)