This is an edited and bigger version of Spiral Studios’ Fields of Isis.

The map was changed so that now 8 players (4vs4 or 2vs2vs2vs2) compete against each other. For this reason the map has been slightly enlarged, but the starting points offer little space, which forces the expansion. The map was partially re-textured, the positions of tiberium fields changed and 4 new fields added. Two EMPs and silos disappeared and were replaced by a total of 8 spikes.

Max Players: 8 (+4)
Tiberium Fields: 14 (+4)
Tiberium Spikes: 16 (+8)
EMPs: 0 (-2)
Tiberium Silos: 0 (-2)
Size: 500×320 (7% bigger)

Map originally made by The Spiral Studios
Edited by CJ in 2016

Dowload Link (Mediafire) 2,08 MB